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  • Modern, high quality WEBSITE with integrated orders portal 
  • Refill MOBILE APP with 2-way Messaging
  • Social ADVERTISING using Powerful Video Ads 
  • Increase order accuracy, efficiency and traceability
  • No nonsense, value-for-money, quality services

Help Docs

Everything you need to know
so you can use any of our Products

Overview of the cloud based pharmacy portal, login and security.

Prescription orders, reminders & messages;  dose reminders; marketing

Online prescription orders and script transfer requests

Configuring the prescription order forms for your workflow.

Pharmacy Websites

Branded Pharmacy Websites

Professionally made, clean and smart website for your business. Includes secure, HIPAA compliant "Refill Rx" and "Transfer Rx" forms. Affordable at $99/mo.


Set up a Advertising campaign for your Pharmacy. Reach your target audience using visually powerful video ads

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Enable your customers to request refills, manage their prescriptions and set up pill reminders on their mobile phones. Flexible branding and pricing options.

Overview of the pharmacy portal, login and security.

Using the Pharmacy Portal and the mobile app

Using the Pharmacy Portal with your Website

Configuring the app and rx order forms for your workflow.

Using RxMobility with PK Compounder Rx Software