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Low-Cost Pharmacy Website – Refill-Ready!

This summer, we analyzed over 100 pharmacy websites. We were curious about what website features were important for pharmacy and what features were not. As a result, we’re confident about the core features of a GREAT low-cost pharmacy website.

First of all, your pharmacy website should be modern and look stunning on all devices. Your website is the online face of your business. First impressions matter.

Furthermore, your website should offer core functionality like refills and script transfers. Because refills and transfers are important business drivers, your website should make them easy.

Finally, it has to clearly tell patients about your people, your services and how to contact you.

As a result of our research, Refill Assistant Website has been optimized for community pharmacies. It provides a high-quality website with HIPAA compliant forms for refills and script transfers as standard. Not as an expensive add-on.

In this webinar, we delve into the details behind Refill Assistant Websites.

This refill-ready website costs only $99/month + $299 set up. No small print and No gotchas.


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