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Training Webinar Refill Assistant

The below video is a recording of the Refill Assistant training webinar that took place in June 2020. The topics covered are listed below. The times are the approximate start times for the relevant section.

  1. Product Introduction and Overview
  2. GDPR – starts at 11 mins 10 secs
  3. Pharmacy Portal login and accounts – starts at 14 mins 20 secs
  4. Website key features using Daltons Pharmacy as an example – starts at 17 mins 28 secs.
  5. Pharmacy portal overview starts at 22 mins 8 secs 
  6. Prescription orders / messages starts at 29 mins 40 sec
  7. Completion messages including payment/tracking links – starts at 41 mins 55 secs.
  8. Mobile app Dose reminders, patient settings, message tab and inforamtion 47 mins 15 secs
  9. Repeat reminder and sending another reminder message – start at 52 mins 55 secs
  10. Marketing Messages – starts at 55 mins and 0 secs
  11. Audit, account recovery and GDPR – starts at 56 mins and 55 secs
  12. Promotion and media kit – starts at 1 hr 2 mins and 8 secs
  13. Questions and Thank you – starts at 1 hr and 5 mins

For more information on any of these topics or to get in touch simply click above

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