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COVID-19: Change the dispensed message to reflect new collection methods

Custom Script Ready Message

To facilitate pharmacies that have modified their collection/delivery procedures as a result of COVID-19, there is now the ability to add a custom script ready / completion message. Once configured, the message will appear in the templates (viewable when when the Mark as Complete button is pressed in the Pharmacy Portal.)

This custom completion message can be configured to state anything you wish e.g.

  • Your order is ready. For curbside collection, please park and send a message from the app or call 555.5555. Free shipping is now available. Thank you.

If you login to the Pharmacy Portal to process orders, all you need to so is to press the Mark as Complete button, select the message from the templates and confirm Mark as Complete. The message will then be sent to the patient.

If you use PK Software, this custom message will be sent once the script has been processed at the completion station. If configured, this custom completion message replaces the current PK message format:

  • u201cRefills Remaining: x, Quantity Prescribed: y, Directions: u2026u201d

This custom completion message can be switched off or modified at any time.

If you would like us to add this custom message facility please contact Desmond Byrne.

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